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Instagram has become what YouTube has been. Though it is the little brother or fun loving cousin of Facebook, it has recently taken over. If you are an influencer or have just started a new business you may be looking at other social media accounts wondering how they have so many followers. It’s easy to feel envious of influencers when their Instagram accounts are overflowing with followers. But here is something you need to know. It is not easy getting new followers on Instagram, especially if you are just starting out.  Additionally, Instagram growth advice can be a little misguided. Growing your following takes engagement, an understanding of your following the most important thing to know is that it takes time.

The quest for more can lead you to attract the wrong audience for your business. You might attract more followers, but those people likely won’t stick around for long.  Even worse is that the those followers may not be interested in your products or services. As an independent creator, there is a better way to grow your audience on Instagram without resorting to questionable tactics or breaking your budget.

Organic Growth

Building a community of followers on Instagram without paying for adverts or sponsorship is far more sustainable in the long run. More importantly, your business results are unquestionably better. The truth is an organically-grown audience will help you generate more leads, more sales, and a thriving online business.

However, do you have time to build this following and consistently engage with the followers that you do have? That is where Blanco Bleu Media comes in. We spend our time working on your engagement. We can connect your responsive website, your social media and help you create a campaign that can build your following. Of course you may be anxious to build your network on your own. If that is the case, we can help you get started. Help you get on the right track and then let you fly on your own.

An important thing to remember is not to share content that isn’t relevant to your page. Sharing family photos, personal updates, and fun Story polls might give you a thrill—and maybe even juice your engagement numbers for a short period—these types of content don’t really help with business growth. Growing an organic audience that drives new leads and sales means being strategic with your Instagram content. Every post needs to provide value to your audience.

Make Sure You Are Focused On The Right Goals

It’s easy to look at influencers with huge followings and think, “I want to be like that!” It’s easy to beat yourself up for not reaching enough people, particularly if you’re still new to Instagram. This pressure leads people to try unethical growth hacks like buying likes and follows, automating comments with bots, or asking for follow backs. The problem? Shortsighted growth hacks don’t lead to sustainable organic growth. Reaching the wrong audience can often be worse than reaching no audience at all.

Post Consistently

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a steady social media presence. Especially if you’re working alone, finding enough time to edit photos and videos, share Stories, write captions, and comment on posts feels like a constant uphill battle. For online creators, growing an organic following means testing ideas, seeing what works, and doubling down.

Instead of resorting to sketchy tactics to grow your following—or investing money in Instagram ads before you’re ready—you should work toward planting seeds that will lead to organic growth.

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