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Digital Strategies For The Digital Age

Digital Strategies and Digital Media have been around a lot longer than most believe. I even started my Instagram account back in 2011. Unfortunately, many are just beginning to understand the importance of digital media to their corporate strategies. Today 3.2 billion people are now online. They are spending more time online than they are spending watching TV. Instead of watching commercials, they are making and watching videos about products they like. If you know this is true, it is time to think about the next steps.

Focus On Influencers
You have heard of influencers, I am sure. You may be wondering exactly what they are and what they can do for your business. Influencers are third parties that raise awareness as well as encourage the purchase of your products. They use platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Digital marketers with smart digital strategies have even started using Pinterest as a part of the marketing plan. Since research has shown typical Pinterest user are likely to buy items they have “pinned.

Adding Big Data To Bottomline
Today companies that are analyzing the huge quantities of data created by people’s online voices and actions are gaining the competitive edge. BBVA, the Spanish bank, is taking their competitive edge so seriously that it promoted its head of digital banking to the role of president and chief operating officer. In this move they declared their ambition to “become the best universal bank in the digital age”. This move shows that digital strategies can work.

Large companies, like Nike caught on quickly as well. They are constantly giving their customers a voice. These digital strategies allow Nike to provide improved customer value and predict when the customer is likely to need. Research and Development efforts result in more successful product launches the more information you have.

Digital Strategies In The Future
Now it is time to focus on the future. Having a social strategy, using social platforms to deliver social benefits are key. These digital strategies help secure the competitive advantage and a profitable future. This is something Blanco Bleu Media can help you with. We are always looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. Now, we can help you.

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