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Why You Need Social Media In Your Life

Social Media just what all business need in their life. You may be wondering why. Why is it important to have a company like Blanco Bleu Media do it for you? This article will help you make an informed decision.

There was a time when only large businesses had a website. Today website design is a lot easier and a lot more common. Even small businesses have websites these days. Since most are viewing on their phones these days it is important to at least have a responsive website if you don’t have an app.

To start we define being ‘social’ as being with others. But if your brand’s social media presence were a real person, would your target audience enjoy spending time with them? What is social media’s impact on your brand? Yes, you post every day but are you really reaching new clients? If you are only posting and not doing anything else, the only people that see your social media posts are the people that are currently following you. That is the same for your website. You may have a beautiful website but if no one knows about it, how can it help grow your business?

If this was not true before, it has become even more true in the past year. People are clearly spending more time online while stuck at home. Whether that is on their computer, phone or tablet. Covid-19 has created a unique set of circumstances that is pushed more people into new behaviors. However, it only accelerated a trend that was already there.

Even back in 2018 according to the Roy Morgan report. And females ages 14 – 24 were at almost 14 hours a week, just on social media. So if you own a business, it’s important for you to care about social media. To consider social media’s impact on your brand. It is where your audience spends a lot of time. Cable is not a big deal anymore so thinking about advertising on the streaming services and social media is where you mind should be headed. This is good news and bad news for you if you are used to traditional forms of advertisement. Good news because it is a lot more accessible than radio or television were years ago. Bad news because there is a learning curve.

There are many ways you can use your social media content something that people enjoy and get value from. Put the focus on enjoyable and valuable content. This raises social media’s impact for your brand. It makes consumers welcome your brand into their social media life. Today, social media is consumed when people are waiting for the coffee their coffee, on their daily train commute, in between meetings, lunch breaks, watching TV and yes, even in the restroom. That is where real people are interacting with your content. Are you creating content that they want to see?

If you are not sure, that is where Blanco Bleu Media can help. We create original content that will make you stand out. Have you come to the realization that the old ways of advertising your business? Ready to see what Blanco Bleu Media can do for you?

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